Paypal Slots

Play slots using your paypal account, once proved incredibly difficult. Very few reputable online casinos took payments from players paypal accounts. But thanks to the recently relaxed paypal rules many established online casinos have now started accepting paypal deposits and processing paypal withdrawals and with that you can now play paypal slots.

There are now a number of very well respected online casinos which have top quality slot games and also take paypal, so for all the players put of by using other deposit methods you now have no reason not to be playing and winning at an online casino.

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Best Paypal Slot Games

Whilst there are a number of paypal slot sites around, some are clearly better then others Some casinos have larger jackpots whilst others have smaller jackpots. Some have lower limits, others have much higher limits. So to make your job easier I have added links to a number of paypal slot casinos below, and listed their individual features.

William Hill Casino - Top quality paypal slot site. A nice mix of limits to choose from as well as some incredibly large jackpots, some over £1,000,000! Our personal favourite slot game is Millionaires Club.

Paddy Power Casino - Another great paypal friendly casino. Both 5 and 3 reel slots are available and you can choose to play with up to 25 pay lines.

Littlewoods Casino - Offers a great bonus on your first deposit, worth up to £100. Promotions and new feature slots are released on a monthly basis, which keeps games fun and enjoyable.